Summer 2017 Research Intern @ University of British Columbia

Worked with Prof Laks Lakshmanan on designing algorithms for identifying stance from online news documents.

Summer 2016 Machine Learning Intern @ Amazon (Bangalore)

Worked on designing algorithms for identifying fake reviews and reviewer-seller collusions.

Summer 2015 Data Science Intern @ LinkedIn (California)

Worked on analyzing LinkedIn user data to understand large scale professional migrations. Created and productionized Hadoop workflows that generate periodic data, which were used in subsequent analysis by others across the company.

2012 - 2013 Research Engineer @ Qatar Computing Research Insitute (Doha)

Worked as a Research Engineer at QCRI, Doha with the Social Computing team. I worked on designing methods to handle large volumes of social media data. I also worked closely with Al-Jazeera, on prediction and recommendation of news. Our work got featured in some international press, with mentions in Foreign policy, Financial Times, etc.

2011 - 2012 Research Engineer @ Yahoo! Research (Barcelona)

Worked as a Research Engineer at Yahoo! Research in the Web Mining team. I worked mostly on the research aspects in the coverage of U.S. elections in Yahoo! news. I built demos for detecting trending political search queries and hashtags on a weekly basis. I also worked with almost all of Yahoo! data (search, toolbar, webmap, email, etc) in many projects.

Summer 2010 Research Intern @ Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh)

Worked with Dr. Carolyn Rose, during the summer of 2010. We developed algorithms for summarization of scientific articles by making use of the citation network as well as the rhetorical structure of research papers. We also built at tool to assist researchers to browse through a research paper easily by summarizing sentences having multiple citations.